Halifax Chiropractor, Dr. Krista Prowse Welch, has more than 20 years experience providing chiropractic care. She provides assessment and treatment for a wide range of neuromusculoskeletal issues including headaches, neck pain, back pain, shoulder, hip, knee, foot, elbow and wrist pain as well as pregnancy related back pain and postural challenges.

Helping you achieve and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle!


We have moved to serve you better!

Our clinic is now located on the 5th floor of the Halifax Professional Center on the corner of Robie Street & Spring Garden Road.

Easiest access to the clinic is from the elevator near Lawtons to the 5th Floor.

Parking is available underground and on both Robie Street & Spring Garden Road.

Welch Chiropractic

5991 Spring Garden Road, Suite 575-3

Halifax, NS B3H 4R7

T: (902) 422-3535

E: info@welchchiropractic.ca

Halifax Professional Center at Robie & Spring Garden

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